Video: Demonstration Of How Contractions Work by Liz Chalmer

Let's face it: Childbirth education classes have a tendency to be incredibly boring. Not to mention awkward. However, it's now a known fact there's at least one childbirth educator — Liz Chalmers, owner of the Puget Sound Birth Center in Seattle, Washington — who is decidedly not boring. In fact, I have a feeling her classes might be some of the most in-demand offerings in the Seattle area, following an incredibly popular simulation she shared on social media. This viral video is a spot-on demonstration of how contractions work, and you simply have to see it.

As Chalmers explains on Facebook, she initially created the video for her niece, Charlotte, who is currently working toward becoming a childbirth educator in New Zealand. Chalmers expertly simulates the process of childbirth using, wait for it, nothing but a balloon and a ping pong ball. In the video, the childbirth educator explains she got the idea from a workshop called “Stomp Out Boring Childbirth."
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